I Admit It – I Love Browsing Through Books

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“Friends” groups exist across the US, supporting community institutions, such as libraries.  I am on the Board of Trustees of the Friends of the Danbury Library, my local Connecticut library and 0ur mission, at the Friends of the Danbury Library,  is to support the library through fundraising.  We then manage the allocation of our donated funds to the library’s needs and dreams.

I joined the Board several years ago for the simple reason that I love books.  Reading is my favorite past time – there is not a day that goes by without me doing at least some reading.  And, I love to browse through shelves and stacks of books, picking them up, looking at the covers, at the story synopses, at the author bios, and finding books that look interesting.  For example, while recently perusing at our annual fundraising book sale, I picked up the book “The Elegance of the Hedgehog”  (a book I had never before head of) by Muriel Barbery;  It turned out to be a true gem of a book – a touching story with a mix of philosophy and human connection.

Our local Borders Bookstore closed several years ago and the huge building still sits empty – a ghost of what it once was.  With so many bookstores closing due to the competition of online book reading and online book purchasing, there are not many places left where you can go be “touchy feely” with real in-the-flesh books.   So, with bookstores on the decline, what is to become of our community libraries?

Brian Kenney wrote an interesting blog about the future of libraries.  It gives you pause to think about what libraries will need to do to remain relevant in today’s online world.


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