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I have never planted a vegetable garden before.  After all, I grew up in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY, and there were not lots of garden growers around.  I have always gotten my vegetables from the grocery store – on a rare occasion, from a farmer’s market.  But, where I live now,  in Danbury, Ct, many folks have gardens.  But, gardens take time, and I have never had time.  I have always had a high stress job. I used to leave my house at 7:15 AM and get home about 7:00 PM.  Who had time to garden?

But, at the end of 2012, I left my high stress job, so I thought “this is the year I will have a garden”.  My awesome husband built me four 4ft x 4ft raised garden beds and helped me get all of the planting soil into it.  I planted.  I planted broccoli, peas, radishes, carrots, green onions, zuchini, cucumbers, and pumpkins – all from seeds.  I planted 3 tomato plants and basil plants.  And then, I waited.  And, I waited.

I was pretty sure that I was going to have nothing – “maybe you needed to be raised growing things”, I thought.  “Maybe there is a trick”, but then, I saw some hope. The radishes started sprouting.  Then, I waited some more, and the carrots and peas started sprouting.  Then, I actually read the back of the seed packets and saw that they tell you how long germination and harvest takes for each plant.  Who knew?

Now, the garden is going a bit wild.  The  I have about 25 green tomatoes that are growing bigger every day.  I have pea pods hanging, and have used many in salads already.  We have more radishes than we can eat.  I have fresh basil whenever I need it.  The rest, I am still waiting on, but the leaves are all giant and lush.

So, why am I writing about my garden?  It is this.  Gardens are a bit like life. You need to do the work and then you may need to wait a while until you see results.   When you do see results, it may be very little, but you need to keep on doing the work, and once momentum kicks in – you get more and more results.  And, lots of vegetables.



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