“It has been a great experience learning from you.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be in your organization and see you at work!  You are such a great leader and so brilliant!”     …..Beth C.

“Susan was very focused, results driven, and collaborative.  She worked closely with me to develop a vision on how we could materially improve the business and the service to our customers, through an innovative approach to Business Support System redesign.  Susan joined me in making specific and significant commitments.”     …..Kevin G.

“I learned so much from you over the years about how to be a good leader.  I learned the importance of getting into the details, doing what I say I will do, expecting excellence from everyone, and being right there with the team every step of the way.  More than anyone else over the years, you have been my role model.”     ….Cheryl L.

“Excellent video Susan.  Touched a nerve as I always feared asking stupid questions, especially when I was new to a project and most attendees had been with the project a long time and were well above my pay grade.  Often, the need to understand outweighed the fear, but there were times when I would hold my question only to spend far too much time after the meeting attempting to run down an answer I could have easily had by just asking.  I had never thought of asking questions as courageous, but it really is.”     …..Debbie D.

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